Chris Garcia
Club Tattoo - Las Vegas , Nevada

As far as i can remember, I have always been artistic. During my teenage years, I became fascinated with tattoos and the culture associated with it. The idea of having a permanent work of art on a person amazed me and fueled my desire to learn tattooing, which i did on my own.  I started tattooing in 1994 in Virginia Beach, VA, where i worked at Ancient Art Studio and Ink Gallery until i came to Club tattoo in Las Vegas. 

I strive to be versatile with my work, as i really enjoy doing all styles of tattoos. However, you can obviously see in my works that i do a lot of portraits and realistic tattoos. I believe that i am naturally stronger at this style of tattooing because i find it fun and challenging to capture as much detail as possible into a tattoo.I am truly fortunate to do this for a living, and the joy of knowing that i have exceeded a client's expectations is the most rewarding part of my job.I am excited to be a part of Club Tattoo, where i get to work in a topnotch shop, alongside an incredibly talented group of tattoo artists.